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AEMO forms expert panel to advise on Finkel review implementation

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AEMO has announced the formation of an Expert Advisory Panel to gain important perspectives from senior energy leaders.

September 01, 2017 - 3:13 PM

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has today announced the formation of an Expert Advisory Panel to gain important perspectives from senior energy leaders during a period in which the energy sector is undergoing unprecedented and rapid change.

The Expert Advisory Panel, comprised of leaders from across the energy industry and Chaired by Ms Chloe Munro, the former Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator and panel member of the Finkel Review, will support AEMO in delivering key initiatives and implementing the recently endorsed Finkel recommendations. The Panel will also play a crucial consultative role across AEMO’s broad remit of activity.

“AEMO’s Board of Directors appreciates the Panel members’ participation and commitment, and views the establishment of this Panel as critical to gaining holistic and diverse perspectives on industry opportunities and challenges from the Australian energy sector,” said AEMO’s Chairman Dr Tony Marxsen.
The inaugural meeting of the Expert Advisory Panel occurred in late August, with AEMO’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Audrey Zibelman commending the open and productive discussion.

“The energy industry is moving faster than ever, and as I have said a number of times publicly, Australia has a real opportunity to lead the world in many ways. AEMO’s ability to recommend and implement crucial sector changes for the benefit of Australian consumers will be enhanced by candid discussion and debate with a broad range of senior industry experts,” said Ms Zibelman.

The Expert Advisory Panel aims to also support the recently established Energy Security Board by helping AEMO drive industry reform, expediting critical issues and finding consensus where possible.

“It is AEMO’s vision to deliver energy security for all Australians, and on behalf of the Expert Advisory Panel, we look forward to adopting a collaborate approach, both within the group and with AEMO, to facilitate a pathway forward to an efficient and secure Australian energy market for future generations,” said Panel Chair Ms Munro.

The list of panel members is tabled below.

  • Chloe Munro - Former Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator and panel member of the Finkel Review
  • Dr Phil Blythe  - Founder and CEO, GreenSync
  • Prof Michael Brear - Director, Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne
  • Frank Calabria - Managing Director & CEO, Origin Energy
  • Nino Ficca - Managing Director & CEO, AusNet Services
  • Miles George - Strategic Advisor, Infigen Energy
  • Dr Jemma Green - Co-founder & Chair, Power Ledger
  • Paul Italiano - CEO, TransGrid
  • Dr Attilio Pigneri - President, AAHE, CEO, H2U, Director, Talent with Energy
  • Andrew Richards - CEO, Energy Users Association of Australia
  • Rosemary Sinclair - CEO, Energy Consumers Australia
  • David Smales - CEO, Energy Queensland
  • Rob Stobbe - CEO, SA Power Networks
  • Jon Stretch - Managing Director & CEO, ERM Power
  • Catherine Tanna - Managing Director, EnergyAustralia
  • Frank Tudor - Managing Director & CEO, Horizon Power
  • Andrew Vesey - Managing Director & CEO, AGL
  • Oliver Yates - Former CEO, Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Ian Learmonth - CEO, Clean Energy Finance Corporation.
  • James Fazzino, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Incitec Pivot
  • Paul O'Malley, Chief Executive Officer, Bluescope Steel
  • Peter Freyberg - Head of Global Coat Assets, Glencore
  • Robert Stobbe, Chief Executive Officer, SA Power Networks
  • Steve Davy, Chief Executive Officer, Hydro Tasmania
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