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About AEMO Energy Live

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About AEMO Energy Live

Launched in December 2017, AEMO Energy Live is our digital news and information hub dedicated to all things energy. AEMO Energy Live features commentary, analysis, interviews, news and views delivered via videos, podcasts, full-length feature articles, infographics and easy to understand explainers. AEMO Energy Live complements the energy market and systems data and reports and market participant information housed on our corporate website, by providing a dynamic, user-friendly digital forum for breaking energy news, candid conversations and informative backgrounders delivered directly from our network of energy expert contributors to you.

We are motivated and excited by the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector and the discussion and dialogue underway in all corners of our industry and across the community, as we work towards delivering secure, reliable, and affordable energy for Australian consumers. We value your support and interest in AEMO Energy Live and encourage you to get in touch with us at media@aemo.com.au with your ideas, inquiries and comments.

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