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Gas Day Harmonisation

In early 2017 the AEMC published a rule determination to harmonise the start time of the gas day used in the short-term trading market hubs and the gas supply hub trading locations with the gas day start time used in the Victorian declared wholesale gas market. Under the rule, the gas day in each market at each location will commence at 6.00 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). This change will also result in standardising the next gas day nomination cut-over time which will be 3pm AEST.

In late 2017 the COAG Energy Council considered a range of reform recommendations put forward by Gas Market Reform Group’s (GMRG) which include harmonising the start time of the gas day. At the November 2017 COAG Energy Council meeting, Ministers agreed with the full package of reforms put forward by GMRG which included a recommendation that harmonising the start time of the gas day changes take effect by 1 October 2019. The relevant National Gas Law (NGL) and National Gas Rule (NGR) changes were made by the SA Minister for Energy on 22 November 2018.

In September of 2018, AEMO kicked-off a program of work to update relevant market procedures and market systems to reflect the new standard gas timetable.

As required by the NGR, AEMO is also consulting on the Transition Plan for gas markets affected by the changes.  The transition plan includes general principles for transition that AEMO has used to develop the transition plan.

The NGR also requires affected natural gas facilities to prepare transition plans for their facilities by no later than 30 June 2019. AEMO suggests that affected facility operators follow the general principles for transition included in the gas market transition plans.

Release Schedule

Information Links

Gas Day Harmonisation Consultation Pages

AEMO will facilitate a further consultation in July 2019. The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback on any procedure changes that have been overlooked. View the current list of changes that will be included in this consultation (132 KB, doc).

Gas Day Harmonisation – Review of guidelines

Retail Market Guidelines

As part of the program of work to review the impact of harmonising the start time of the gas day initiative, AEMO has completed a review of all QLD, NSW/ACT and SA retail market guideline. A list of all guidelines that were reviewed can be viewed below.

This review revealed that two guidelines required minor amendments. An extract from each of these guidelines showing the marked-up changes can be viewed below.

Links to published GDH Transition plans

AEMO has received GDH Transition Plans from all known Natural Gas Facility Operators, being:

  • Facilities registered or seeking registration on Gas Bulletin Board
  • Facilities not required to register on Gas Bulletin Board, but which meet definition of a Part 26 Natural Gas Facility
  • Distribution Networks in NSW, ACT, SA and QLD

The file contains a list of Natural Gas Facilities and a link to their published transition plan. Note that the links are correct as 06 September 2019, and may have been moved on the relevant website.

A Natural Gas Facility that has advised AEMO that they do not need to provide a transition plan is indicated by ‘NA’.

Links to hourly data

To assist STTM Users and QLD Retailers outside STTM BRI with forecasting demand for the short gas day on 30 Sep 2019 and new standard gas day from 1 Oct 2019 onwards, AEMO is publishing raw, unvalidated hourly metering data. 

The data sets show gas day and hourly data for the hour starting at the time indicated. For example, 1 Aug 2018 6:30am means gas day 1 Aug 2018 and data from 6:30am to 7:30am.

Note that this is raw, unvalidated meter data and should not be relied on for any purposes other than informing STTM participants of possible impacts to daily quantities during the transition to the standard gas day.

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