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Systems Workstream


AEMO’s Systems Workstream is responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation of systems to support the changes to rules and procedures as a result of the Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) and Global Settlement (GS) initiatives. The workstream will produce the required technical documentation to facilitate participant changes to systems.

Packages and Stakeholder Consultation

AEMO will consult on proposed systems amendments via the Systems Working Group and any required Focus Groups. AEMO will cover each specific area, identified within the functional areas, in the High-Level Impact Assessment (HLIA).

Systems workstream diagram of processes

AEMO has developed work packages across four functional areas to facilitate systems changes and associated consultation. For practical purposes, Dispatch and Operations are managed jointly in the development of reporting, technical specifications and consultation.



Dispatch / Pricing



  • Meter Data
  • Energy Profiling
  • Energy Allocation


  • Settlement
  • Billing
  • Estimation/Prudential Management


  • 5 min Bids/Offers
  • Registration default offers
  • Market Suspension
  • Administered Pricing
  • Pre-dispatch
  • EMMA Data Model

Systems Working Group (SWG)

AEMO has established the Systems Working Group (SWG) to seek input from the industry on the technical system and interface changes.

Industry Testing Working Group 

AEMO’s Industry Testing Working Group (ITWG) provides a forum for AEMO and industry stakeholders to engage in detail on testing matters related to the Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) and Global Settlement (GS) implementation program. 

Through the ITWG, AEMO will engage with the industry to:

  • Develop the approach and scope of each of the releases associated with the 5MS program
  • Understand, and where reasonable accommodate, key industry concerns relating to testing activities 
  • Collaborate on the development of the test plans for each release associated with the 5MS program
  • Ensure that transitional considerations defined by the readiness working group are taken into consideration for any participant testing activities. 

AEMO and the ITWG will form focus groups to address specific industry testing areas where specialised knowledge and expertise is required.


For further information

Please direct any queries regarding Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) to

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