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Opportunities for engagement

AEMO welcomes stakeholder participation and collaboration in the ISP process. For more information on AEMO’s ISP consultation process, or to be informed of upcoming ISP workshops, please contact

  • 2021
  • 2022
Event Description Date Status Related content
Transmission Cost Database Webinar – Engage with stakeholders on a proposed approach to transmission cost estimation for the ISP, including development of a public Transmission Cost Database. 20-Jan-21 Complete TCD webinar presentation slides

TCD webinar Q&A document

TCD webinar recording
Formal ISP methodology consultation – This will seek early views on scope, issues and process prior to developing a draft ISP methodology. 1-Feb-21
to 1-Mar-21
Complete ISP Methodology web page
FRG February – Engage with stakeholders on Macroeconomic Forecasts and Electric Vehicle. 24-Feb-21 Complete FRG web page
Draft IASR submissions webinar. 3-Mar-21 Complete GenCost 2020-21: Consultation draft feedback

Draft 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios consultation feedback

Draft IASR submissions webinar recording
Energy Efficiency Workshop – AEMO will collaborate with stakeholders regarding forecasting Energy Efficiency. 24-Mar-21 Complete

Meeting pack

Webinar recording

FRG March – Engage with stakeholders on DER Forecasts (PV, Storage and Electric Vehicle) and Connections. 31-Mar-21 Complete FRG web page
 ISP Methodology webinar 1-Apr-21 Complete Presentation

Webinar recording
Treatment of Risk in Transmission Cost Estimates webinar 15-Apr-21 Complete             


Webinar recording

Webinar on gas prices in the Integrated System Plan 24-Apr-21  Planned


Webinar recording

FRG April (a) – PV, Batteries, Electric Vehicles and Energy Efficiency     28-Apr-21 Planned  FRG web page
MILESTONE: Publish Draft ISP Methodology 30-Apr-21 Planned  
Formal ISP methodology consultation - Draft Report 30-Apr-21
to 28-May-21
FRG April (b) – Large Industrial Load Forecasts, Electrification of Other Sectors and Appliance Updates and Fuel Switching. 5-May-21 Planned  FRG web page
Draft Transmission Cost Report – AEMO will publish a transmission cost database and draft Transmission Cost Report. May-21 Planned Date to be confirmed
Draft Transmission Cost Consultation May-21
to Jun-21
Planned Date to be confirmed
Transmission Costs Webinar – AEMO will provide an overview of proposed transmission costs for the 2022 ISP, approach to uncertainty, and seek input from stakeholders. Late May 21 Planned Date to be confirmed
FRG May – Engage with stakeholders on DSP Forecasts, Climate Change Factors and Assumptions and Draft Consumption Forecasts. 26-May-21 Planned FRG web page
ISP methodology workshop – AEMO will publish submissions, summarise views, and seek additional feedback/additional input on the proposed ISP Methodology. Jun-21 Planned  
FRG June – Engage with stakeholders on Forced Outage Rate Forecasts and Maximum and Minimum Demand. 30-Jun-21 Planned FRG web page
MILESTONE: Publish ISP Methodology 30-Jul-21 Planned  
MILESTONE: Publish Final Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report 30-Jul-21 Planned IASR web page
Preliminary ISP Modelling Outcomes Workshop – AEMO will hold workshop(s) on preliminary ISP modelling outcomes, engaging with stakeholders on preliminary results. Sep-Nov 2021 Planned Dates to be confirmed
MILESTONE: Draft 2022 Integrated System Plan Published 10-Dec-21 Planned 2022 ISP web page
Event Description Date Status Related content
Draft ISP Workshops – Workshops to engage with stakeholders on the Draft 2022 ISP and seek input and views to assist with re-modelling and finalisation of the ISP. Jan-Apr 2022 Planned Dates to be confirmed
MILESTONE: 2022 Integrated System Plan Published 30-Jun-22 Planned 2022 ISP web page
  • 2020
    Event Description Date Status Related content
    Hydrogen workshop – This workshop will consult with hydrogen experts on the introduction of hydrogen into AEMO's modelling. 18-Sep-20 Complete Hydrogen workshop presentation
    September FRG –Inform stakeholders of the Hydrogen Workshop outcomes. 30-Sep-20 Complete FRG meeting pack
    IASR Scenario Development Workshop – AEMO with stakeholders will collaboratively develop the 2021/22 forecasting scenarios. 14-Oct-20 Complete IASR web page
    IASR Scenario Development Webinar – AEMO will engage with stakeholders to seek views on the proposed 2021/22 forecasting scenarios. 22-Oct-20 Complete Scenario Development webinar recording

    Scenario Development webinar presentation
    2021/22 Forecasting and Planning IASR Scenarios Webinar – AEMO will engage with stakeholders on proposed settings for scenarios. 11-Nov-20 Complete Scenarios webinar recording

    Scenarios webinar presentation
    IASR Scenario Settings Workshop – AEMO will collaborate with stakeholders on the proposed settings for scenarios. 20-Nov-20 Complete IASR web page
    FRG November – Inform stakeholders on the proposed settings for scenarios prior to the publication of the draft IASR. 25-Nov-20 Complete FRG web page
    MILESTONE: Draft 2021/22 Inputs, Assumptions & Scenarios Report Published 11-Dec-20 Complete IASR web page
    2021/22 Draft IASR Consultation 11-Dec-20
    to 1-Feb-21
    Complete Draft IASR Consultation
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