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This is the AEMO test site. Please visit our live website for the most current data and reports.

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About the WA Gas Bulletin Board (WA GBB)

The Western Australia Gas Bulletin Board (WA GBB) is a public website that publishes forecast and historical data on the domestic production, transmission, storage, and usage of natural gas in Western Australia.

The public website for the WA GBB is here.

All relevant contact details for the WA Functions and the Western Australian Market Reform Program can be found in the WA Contact Card (90 KB, pdf).

Application Programming Interface documentation

The Gas Services Information (GSI) Rules and Procedures describe the obligations of the gas market. The systems developed by AEMO facilitate these obligations.

The latest information on system changes, Application Programming Interface (API) documentation, technical bulletins, end-of-life notices, and scheduled system outages, can found below.

The API documentation for the GBB Participant Submission Interface Document, GBB Report API, and GBB User Guide can be viewed here.

Release notes


Deployment date

Release notes

1.13 (Build 352) 28 August 2019 GBB 1.13 Release Notes (301 KB, pdf)
1.12 (Build 351) 17 April 2019 GBB 1.12 Release Notes (315 KB, pdf)
1.11 (Build 345) 19 September 2018 GBB 1.11 Release Notes (634 KB, pdf)
1.10 (Build 340) 16 May 2018 GBB 1.10 Release Notes (283 KB, pdf)
1.9 (Build 329) 15 November 2017 GBB 1.9 Release Notes (653 KB, pdf)
1.8 (Build 316-4) 7 November 2016 GBB 1.8 Release Notes
1.7 (Build 303-6) 15 June 2016 GBB 1.7 Release Notes
1.6.1 (Build 289-7) 30 March 2016 GBB 1.6.1 Release Notes
1.6 AEMO Patch (Build 289-4) 29 November 2015 GBB 1.6 AEMO Patch Release Notes
1.5 Patch 1 (Build 255-3) 23 October 2015 GBB 1.5 Patch 1 Release Notes
1.5 (Build 255) 21 October 2015 GBB 1.5 Release Notes
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