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Registration is a necessary step for anyone who wishes to participate in the Short Term Trading Market (STTM).

Anyone who ships gas to, or withdraws gas from, a transfer point in the STTM hubs in Sydney, Adelaide or Brisbane, must register as a trading participant – either as a shipper, a user or both.

STTM shippers must also register for the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB), while STTM users must register in the relevant gas retail market.

Shippers and users are the only two registrable capacities in the STTM, as defined in NGR Part 15A. In the NGR Part 20 certain allocation agents and operators of facilities that connect directly to STTM hubs must also register information with AEMO. Facilities include STTM pipelines, STTM production facilities, STTM storage facilities and STTM distributors.

Part 15A of the National Gas Rules (NGR) contains the registration and eligibility criteria that new applicants should familiarise themselves with before applying to register. The information contained here is for guidance only and is no substitute for reading and understanding the NGR and STTM procedures.

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This section of the website contains the registration requirements and process for STTM participants, as well as information about deregistering.

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