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Natural gas shippers can procure available capacity on non-exempt transportation facilities outside the Victorian Declared Transmission System (DTS) on either AEMO’s Capacity Trading Platform (CTP) or Day-Ahead Auction (DAA).

Each of the CTP and DAA has a different role and purpose, as well as different registration requirements. To access the CTP, participants must be registered as a member of the Gas Supply Hub (GSH), while to access the DAA, participants must be registered as an Auction Participant in the Capacity Auction.

Unless otherwise exempt, Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) – who own, operate or control transportation facilities – must register as Part 24 Facility Operators, and register their facilities as Part 24 facilities.

This section of the site therefore provides the administrative information, documents and processes for Auction Participants in the Capacity Auction, and Part 24 Facility Operators. Information for participants using the CTP  can be found on the Gas Supply Hub section of this site.

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