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The Gas Supply Hub (GSH) is a voluntary market. Anyone who wishes to participate in wholesale trading on the gas trading exchange, obtain viewing rights or participate as a reallocator must apply for registration as a GSH member.

In addition, a member of the GSH may appoint an Agent Member, who will represent the Appointing Member, and will exercise the rights and perform the obligations of the Appointing Member.

Membership requirements and eligibility criteria are set out in the GSH Exchange Agreement which is published by AEMO under Part 22 of the National Gas Rules (NGR). New applicants should familiarise themselves with these requirements before applying to register. The information provided here is for guidance purposes only and is no substitute for reading and understanding the NGR and the GSH Exchange Agreement.

In this section

This section of the website contains the registration requirements and process for GSH members, including appointing an Agent Member. It also includes information about deregistering from the GSH.

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