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Please find below the retail market procedures, guidelines and industry information for Queensland.

Procedures Guidelines Queensland industry information

Queensland data provision calendar

AEMO prepares a settlement calendar for the Queensland Retail Market showing the dates for delivery of statements, settlement of trading amounts relating to each billing period, and data delivery dates.

The calendar is also represented in combination with other markets and in several layouts, to assist participants in managing their settlement functions.

View the AEMO Settlement Calendars.

Industry technical documentation

Queensland Gas Interface Protocol (GIP)

Queensland Specific Participant Build Pack (Participant Build Pack 4) defines the behaviour of the business and IT systems. The Queensland Retail Market uses all the interfaces described in Participant Build Pack 1, 2 and 3 unless otherwise specified in Participant Build Pack 4.

Industry guidelines

Market reports

Meter registration forms

AEMO Market Clearing Procedure

This procedure has been established to nominate AEMO’s preferred electronic funds transfer facility for the National Electricity Market, Declared Wholesale Gas Market, Short Term Trading Market, Queensland Retail Market, and other payments cleared by AEMO. The procedure can also assist participants in establishing and operating routine payment processes, and provides additional information and references.

AEMO Market Clearing Procedure

Queensland Retail Gas Market Sample Settlement Statements

The Queensland Retail Gas Market sample settlement statement below contains an example of preliminary, final, and revision statements sent out by AEMO to all relevant market participants for a billing period.

Sample Settlement Statements

For previous versions of documents, or more information, please contact the AEMO Information & Support Hub.

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