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New South Wales and ACT

Please find below the retail market procedures, guidelines and industry information for New South Wales (NSW) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Procedures Guidelines
Industry technical documentation
NSW-ACT Gas Interface Protocol (GIP)

NSW-ACT specific Participant Build Pack (Participant Build Pack 5) and NSW-ACT Wagga Wagga and Tamworth specific Build Pack (Participant Build Pack 6) defines the behavior of the business and IT systems. The NSW-ACT Retail Market uses all the interfaces described in Participant Build Pack 1, 2 and 3 unless otherwise specified in Participant Build Packs 5 and 6.

Industry guidelines

Industry-approved methodologies

Market reports

For previous versions of documents please contact the AEMO Information & Support Hub.

Lost Gas Customers

Since the introduction of Full Retail Contestability (FRC) in the NSW and ACT Gas Retail Market in 2002, there have been a limited number of incidents where gas customers have been inadvertently transferred to other gas retailers as a result of human error. A contributing factor to this situation occurring was that the affected gas customers had been unable to ascertain the identity of the gas retailer that serviced their gas delivery point.

As a result of consultation conducted by the previous market operator, Gas Market Company Limited (GMC), a gas retailer discovery process has been developed that enables a gas customer to contact any NSW/ACT gas retailer, the Department of Water and Energy (DWE), or the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON), to find out the identity of their current gas retailer within one business day. This formalised process ensures that a NSW/ACT gas customer is never placed in a position where they do not know the identity of their current gas retailer for a sustained period of time.

The gas industry’s agreed protocol for finding “lost” gas customers in the NSW and ACT Gas Retail Market is available in PDF format below.

The AEMO privacy policy has also been updated to cover this process. The privacy policy associated with the use of information to be used by gas retailers, DWE, and EWON in the "lost" gas retail customer process is available in PDF format below.

Please note: AEMO’s contact details have changed. Participants should not use the ones set out in the above Finding A Customer’s Retailer document on page 14, but instead use the address and contact details below:

If you would like to further information on the gas retailer discovery process, please contact:

Level 22, 530 Collins St
VIC 3000
Tel: 1300 858 724
Email: retaildiscovery@aemo.com.au

For previous versions of documents, or more information, please contact the AEMO Information & Support Hub.

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