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Registration is required for anyone who wishes to participate in Victoria’s Declared Wholesale Gas Market (DWGM). 

Anyone who buys or sells gas in the DWGM – including retailers, traders, distribution customers, producers, storage providers and transmission customers – must register as a market participant.

Participants who do not trade gas through the DWGM but perform a role or service in relation to the Declared Transmission System (DTS) – including DTS service providers, interconnected transmission pipeline services provider and distributors – must also register in other registrable capacities.

While registration requirements vary depending on the registrable capacity, DWGM participants often have to also register in the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) and/or the Victorian Gas Retail Market.

Part 15A of the National Gas Rules (NGR) contains the registration and eligibility criteria that new applicants should familiarise themselves with before applying to register. The information contained here is for guidance only and is no substitute for reading and understanding the NGR and Declared Wholesale Gas (DWGM) Procedures.

In this section

This section contains information on the registration requirements and process for DWGM participants, as well as information about deregistering.

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