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Guides and useful information

These documents will help you become familiar with the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM).

Original Market Design

The South West Interconnected System Wholesale Electricity Market: An Overview (282 KB, pdf)

Wholesale Electricity Market Design Summary (as at 24 Oct 2012)  (1.0 MB, pdf)

Renewable Energy Generators and Demand Side Management (49 KB, pdf)

User Guides

WEMS MPI User Guide (effective 10 January 2020) (6.7 MB, pdf)

WEMS Registration Technical Guide (effective 1 July 2019) (0.60 MB, pdf)

Market Participant Administrator Guide (1.6 MB, pdf)


Guideline: Cleansing of Generation Facility MWh Output Data (384 KB, pdf)

Participation Guideline for Energy Storage Systems in the WEM (316 KB, pdf)

PASA Methodology (417 KB, pdf)

Ancillary Services Certification Guidelines Methodology (790 KB, pdf)

Technical Specifications: Operational Data Points for Generating Plant (417 KB, pdf)


WEMS Submission Specifications (effective 10 July 2019) (1.5 MB, pdf)

WEMS Submission Validations (effective 1 July 2019) (1.2 MB, pdf)

WEMS Reports and Web Service Specification (effective 10 January 2020) (1.4 MB, pdf)

WEM and GBB (WA) Participant Support Guide

WEM and GBB (WA) Participant Support Guide (459 KB, pdf)

Operational Contingencies

Operational Contingencies (1.4 MB, pdf)

Operational Financial Contingencies (1.6 MB, pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions

Theoretical Energy Schedule FAQ (2 MB, pdf) (supporting example: TES Model

To view the current Registration Fees, please visit the Fees and charges page.

File Exchange CSV templates

The following templates are provided to help Market Participants make submissions in the Wholesale Electricity Market System (WEMS) Market Participant Interface (MPI):

bilateral (1 KB, csv)

resources_participant_details (1 KB, csv)

resources_facility_details (1 KB, csv)

stem_demand_portfolio_curve (1 KB, csv)

resources_synchronisation (1 KB, csv)

stem_ancillary_service (1 KB, csv)

stem_facility_detail (1 KB, csv)

stem_supply_portfolio_curve (1 KB, csv)

balancingVariation (1 KB, csv)

loadFollowingVariation (1 KB, csv)

balancingStanding (1 KB, csv)

loadFollowingStanding (1 KB, csv)

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