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Market and dispatch advisories

Dispatch advisories

System Management must inform Market Participants and Network Operators of impending or current situations that could have security ramifications for Market Participants and Network Operators. It does this by issuing dispatch advisories in the following situations:

  • Generation shortfall/load shedding occurring or expected.
  • Conditions where committed generation running at minimum levels will exceed forecast load (over-generation).
  • Any ancillary service shortfalls.
  • Major facility outages (generation, transmission, major loads).
  • Fuel shortages that have a widespread impact on the market.
  • Dispatch or communication system outages.
  • Notification of starting or ending a high risk or emergency operating state.

A dispatch advisory includes a statement of the operating state (Normal, High-Risk, or Emergency) during the period to which the advisory relates. These advisories include information on how Market Participants should respond to the situation. The WEM Rules recognise that sometimes System Management has to react so quickly to a situation that it is not be able to issue a Dispatch Advisory until after the event.

Market Participants are obliged to keep System Management informed of any circumstances they become aware of which might result in System Management issuing a dispatch advisory.

Market advisories

AEMO must inform Market Participants of impending situations that could impact market outcomes. It does this by issuing market advisories in the following situations:

  • Market system outages, whereby aspects of the market cannot run normally due to systems failures.
  • Notification of suspension of any aspect of the market.

These advisories include information on how Market Participants should respond to the situation. Note that advisories related to dispatch are called dispatch advisories (see above).

Dispatch and Market Advisories can be downloaded from the Market Data page. The information provided in the Market Data page is published in accordance with Market Rule 10.5.1(k).

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