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Generator performance standards

Notice of non-compliance with the registered performance standards

AEMO is responsible for maintaining a register of the Generator Performance Standards. AEMO also monitors compliance to the registered standards to ensure power system security is maintained while working with participants to resolve each non-compliance.

To help participants fulfill their obligations to notify AEMO of non-compliance with the registered performance standards, AEMO has prepared a notice form. The form is to be completed when a Registered Participant becomes aware of its plant being non-compliant in accordance with clause 4.15(f) of the National Electricity Rules.

Please submit the notice form below to GeneratorPerformanceStds@aemo.com.au.

Notice of Non-Compliance with the Registered Performance Standards – Clause 4.15
14 Dec 2011 | filesize: 282 kb (.doc)

Guideline for continuous performance monitoring

Information about ongoing compliance review and routine testing can be found on the AEMC website:

Template for Generator Compliance Programs Review

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