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Renewable Integration Study


AEMO’s Renewable Integration Study is the first stage of a multi-year plan to support a secure and reliable NEM with a high share of renewables. 

The study will focus on quantifying the technical renewable penetration limits of the power system for a projected generation mix and network configuration in 2025.

Work will focus on expanding AEMO’s understanding of high‑penetration renewable power systems through:

  • Leveraging leading local and international experience.
  • Detailed analysis of phenomena specifically related to renewable energy technologies, including:
    • Managing rapid changes in wind and solar output.
    • Assessing the adequacy of frequency control in the power system.
    • Analysing potential limits to distributed energy resources (DER).
  • Incorporating ongoing analysis from AEMO, Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs), and Distributed Network Service Providers (DNSPs), about power system limits and requirements related to increasing levels of renewable generation.
  • Providing a roadmap of priority actions required to support increasing levels of renewable generation in the NEM.

The insights from the Renewable Integration Study will complement existing ISP processes and form a basis for future work, including Western Australian system planning and operation. This will include any ultimate physical limits to renewable penetration, potential technology options to allow system operation up to these limits, and the regulatory and operational improvements that would be required to facilitate these changes.

Key documents

  • International Insights for Australia (1.49 MB, pdf) 
    As the first deliverable from the Renewable Integration Study, AEMO has undertaken a review on how Australia compares with other international power systems. This insights paper explores how comparative jurisdictions are managing the technical requirements of their power systems during periods of high wind and solar generation, and what practices appear effective from a technical perspective. 

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The Renewable Integration Study report is planned for Q1 2020, with industry updates to be provided in the interim.

How to get involved

AEMO will engage with industry on the Renewable Integration Study in parallel with its ISP consultation processes. Detailed engagement will occur once the study results become available. As the work progresses, AEMO will post any relevant engagement information on its website. Please contact the Future Energy Systems team at FutureEnergy@aemo.com.au if you want to get involved.

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