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Network support and control ancillary services procedures and guidelines

Network Support and Control Ancillary Services (NSCAS) are a non-market ancillary service that may be procured by AEMO or Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs) to maintain power system security and reliability, and to maintain or increase the power transfer capability of the transmission network.

The National Electricity Rules give TNSPs the primary responsibility for acquiring NSCAS. Each year AEMO will identify, in its National Transmission Network Development Plan (NTNDP), any gaps between the NSCAS needs of the power system and the known acquired NSCAS. This information will assist the TNSPs in their decision-making about the procurement of NSCAS.

AEMO will be required to acquire NSCAS only to ensure power system security and reliability of supply of the transmission network in accordance with the power system security and reliability standards, if the NSCAS gaps remain unmet after TNSPs' attempt to procure.

The NSCAS Quantity Procedure is listed below.

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