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Register as a Small Generation Aggregator (SGA) in the NEM

This page provides an overview of the processes and tasks required to register as a Small Generation Aggregator (SGA) in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Category and classification

To confirm you are registering in the correct category for the NEM, visit Electricity Market Participants.

Further details about SGAs can be found in the Small Generation Aggregator Fact Sheet.

Registration documents

These are the forms and documents needed to register as a small generation aggregator.

Application form

The Application for Registration as a Small Generation Aggregator in the NEM form must be completed to register as an SGA in the NEM. The form provides further details about what is required for registration and should be read in conjunction with the NEM Small Generation Aggregator Registration Guide and NEM Registration Checklist.

Registration guides

The following guide and checklist provides a detailed overview of the SGA registration process and information requirements.

Fees and charges

Participants must pay a fee to register; these are outlined on the NEM Fees and charges page.

Supporting documents

These documents and information need to be supplied either with your application form, or beforehand, as they support your application for registration.

Credit support

Credit support will be required if you do not meet the acceptable credit criteria detailed in clause 3.3.3 of the National Electricity Rules (NER). 

AEMO advises applicants to contact prudentials@aemo.com.au to discuss requirements prior to completing the AEMO Guarantee Pro Forma. You must submit an original signed copy of the pro forma with your registration application.

Recipient-created tax invoices (RCTI)

Applicants must complete two original signed copies of the agreement so that recipient-created tax invoices can be issued.

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