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The Power System Frequency Risk Review (PSFRR) is an integrated, periodic review of power system frequency risks associated with non-credible contingency events in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

In accordance with Clause 5.20A.1 of the National Electricity Rules (NER), AEMO, in consultation with Transmission Network Service Providers (TNSPs), prepares a PSFRR for the NEM, considering:

  • Non-credible contingency events which AEMO expects could likely involve uncontrolled frequency changes leading to cascading outages or major supply disruption.
  • Current arrangements for managing such non-credible contingency events.
  • Options for future management of such events.
  • The performance of existing Emergency Frequency Control Schemes (EFCSs).

2018 Power System Frequency Risk Review

AEMO completed a PSFRR assessing frequency risks in each region of the National Electricity Market (NEM). The PSFRR made the following recommendations which will be progressed in 2018:

  • Modifications to the following EFCSs:
    • System Integrity Protection Scheme (SIPS) in South Australia.
    • Central Queensland to Southern Queensland Special Protection Scheme (CQ-SQ SPS).
  • Submitting a request to the Reliability Panel for declaration of a protected event to manage risks related to destructive winds in South Australia.
  • Joint AEMO/Powerlink studies to evaluate the risk of major supply disruption in Queensland due to over-frequency caused by islanding.
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2017 Power System Frequency Risk Review – Multiple Generator Trips in South Australia

AEMO completed a PSFRR that specifically considered the loss of multiple generating units in the South Australian region when South Australia is importing energy from Victoria.

Under such conditions (as occurred on 28 September 2016) the loss of multiple generating units could lead to the loss of the Heywood Interconnector, and islanding of South Australia from the rest of the NEM, followed by cascading loss of the remaining South Australian generating units and black system.

The PSFRR recommended the implementation of an interim EFCS as the most efficient way to mitigate this risk. This EFCS was commissioned in December 2017.

Final Report
Draft Report
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