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Settlements residue auction results

Auctions in September 2015 onwards

SRA Public Bids (SRBID)
SRA Public Results (SRRES)

Auctions in December 2014 to June 2015

Auction Closed 16-June-2015 (A201506)
Auction Closed 16-March-2015 (A201503)
Auctions before December 2014

Auction Results C2017 Q3

Auction Results C2017 Q4

Auction Results C2017 Q2

Auction Results C2017 Q1

Auction Results C2016 Q4

Auction Results C2016 Q3

Auction Results C2016 Q2

Auction Results C2016 Q1

Auction Results C2015 Q4

Auction Results C2015 Q3

Auction Results C2015 Q2

Auction Results C2015 Q1

Auction Results C2014 Q4

Auction Results C2014 Q3

Auction Results C2014 Q2

Auction Results C2014 Q1

Auction Results C2013 Q4

Auction Results C2013 Q3

Auction Results C2013 Q2

Auction Results C2013 Q1

Auction Results C2012 Q4

Auction Results C2012 Q3

Auction Results C2012 Q2

Auction Results C2012 Q1

Auction Results C2011 Q4

Auction Results C2011 Q3

Auction Results C2011 Q2

Auction Results C2011 Q1

Auction Results C2010 Q4

Auction Results C2010 Q3

Auction Results C2010 Q2

Auction Results C2010 Q1

Auction Results C2009 Q4

Auction Results C2009 Q3

Auction Results C2009 Q2

Auction Results C2009 Q1

Public Bid Data

The following CSV files contains the bids submitted in these auctions.

Public Bid Data – A201409
closed on 15 September 2014
filesize: 276 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201403
closed on 17 March 2014
filesize: 287 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201406
closed on 17 June 2014
filesize: 308 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201309
closed on 16 September 2013
filesize: 219 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201312
closed on 16 December 2013
filesize: 229 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201303
closed on 15 March 2013
filesize: 205 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201306
closed on 17 June 2013
filesize: 210 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201212
closed on 17 December 2012
filesize: 215 kb (.csv )
Public Bid Data – A201209
closed on 17 September 2012
filename: 0550-0190.csv
Public Bid Data –- A201206
closed on 18 June 2012
filename: 0550-0186.csv
Public Bid Data – A201203
closed on 15 March 2012
filename: 0550-0170.csv
Public Bid Data – A201112
closed on 15 December 2011
filename: 0550-0153.csv
Public Bid Data – A201109
closed on 15 September 2011
filename: 0550-0137.csv
Public Bid Data – A201106
closed on 16 June 2011
filename: 0550-0121.csv
Public Bid Data – A201103
closed on 15 March 2011
filename: 0550-0093.csv
Public Bid Data – A201012
closed on 15 December 2010
filename: 0550-0087.csv
Public Bid Data – A201009
closed on 15 September 2010
filename: 0550-0058.csv
Public Bid Data – A201006
closed on 16 June 2010
filename: 0550-0037.csv
Public Bid Data – A20100315
closed on 15 March 2010
filename: 0550-0026.csv
Public Bid Data – A20091214
closed on 14 December 2009
filename: 0550-0016.csv

Public Bid Data – A20090914
closed on 14 September 2009
filename: 0550-0006.csv

Public Bid Data – A20090615
closed on 15 June 2009
filename: 550-0484.csv

Public Bid Data – A20090316
closed on 16 March 2009
filename: 550-0475.csv

For more information, or for archived information (before 2009), please contact the AEMO Information and Support Hub.

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