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Settlements and payments

The settlement process ensures market generators are paid for the energy they provide to the NEM, and market customers pay for the energy they use, in accordance with the market rules.

AEMO’s role in settlements includes:

  • Calculating financial liabilities of, and credits to, market participants daily.
  • Settling all trade in the NEM, weekly.

AEMO does this by issuing statements to participants and providing a clearing house function for all spot market and reallocation transactions.

To assure generators that these amounts will be paid on the due date, the rules require AEMO to undertake prudential management by monitoring market participants’ liability against their financial guarantee amounts.

Settlements Direct

Settlements Direct is a web-based interface in the Electricity Market Management Systems (EMMS) Web Portal, providing participants with access to information, including settlement statements, published by AEMO. The Settlements Direct User Interface Guide is for participants who require help understanding the interface.

EMMS Settlements Direct User Interface Guide
23 Mar 2012 | 857 KB, pdf

If you require further information about the NEM, please email supporthub@aemo.com.au.

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