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Accreditation and Registration

Qualification and Accreditation – Metering Providers, Metering Data Providers & Embedded Network Managers

The National Electricity Rules (NER) require AEMO to establish a qualification process for the accreditation and registration of persons wishing to operate as Metering Providers, Metering Data Providers, and Embedded Network Managers in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

AEMO has produced a Qualification Procedure in accordance with the Rules consultation procedures.

Once accredited and registered, Metering Providers and Metering Data Providers may be engaged to provide the metering services and metering data services (as applicable) to NEM participants and AEMO.

Once accredited and registered, Embedded Network Managers may be engaged to provide embedded network management services to NEM participants and AEMO. See the attached for further details:

Default and Deregistration Procedure

The NER require AEMO to establish, maintain, and publish a procedure to facilitate the deregistration and default of service providers and Metering Coordinators, where service providers or Metering Coordinators breach provisions of the Rules or the service level procedures (SLPs).

The purpose of this Default and Deregistration Procedure is to:

  1. Define the process for accessing Service Provider or Metering Coordinator compliance.
  2. Define the compliance measurement criteria for Service Providers or Metering Coordinators.
  3. Define the consequential process to be applied in the event a Service Provider or Metering Coordinator is non-compliant.

Accredited Metering Data Providers National Electricity Market

Following accreditation reviews, AEMO has given accreditation to the following organisations as Metering Data Providers in the National Electricity Market.

Accredited Metering Providers National Electricity Market (MP cat. A and B services)

This document is a register of Metering Providers who are eligible to provide Metering Provider services in the National Electricity Market. The list also provides contact details and the installation categories of registration which the Metering Provider holds.

For further information on this document, please contact:, Retail and Metering

Accredited Embedded Network Managers National Electricity Market

Following accreditation reviews, AEMO has given accreditation to the following organisations as Embedded Network Managers in the National Electricity Market

Embedded network guidelines

This Guideline helps registered market participants, non-registered networks, and other parties to understand the principles and processes involved in market operations involving embedded networks.

It covers:

  1. Establishing brownfield and greenfield embedded networks in Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions (MSATS).
  2. Managing choice of retailer for consumers who are eligible to choose their own retailer.
  3. Operational aspects of establishment and providing ongoing services to embedded networks, including meter provision and meter data services.

Allocation of embedded network codes

The “allocation of embedded network codes” document is available to participants for determining the agreed structure of codes used in identifying the National Meter Identifiers (NMIs) making up an embedded network for both parent and child NMIs.

Guide to the Role of the Metering Coordinator (MC)

This guide outlines the roles and responsibilities of the MC under the National Electricity Rules (NER) and procedures authorised under the NER.

The list of Registered Metering Coordinators can be found on the AEMO registration and exemptions list here.

MC’s registration is subject to annual audits performed by the MC’s selected independent Auditor. Below is the guideline for the audit as well as a template of the audit questions that the MC must provide to the independent auditor to complete.

An MC can apply to AEMO for approval of an asset management strategy that defines an alternative testing practice under NER clause S7.6. Below is the alternative testing and inspection guidelines for metering installations in the NEM covering low voltage current transformers (LV CT), which will help guide an MC in achieving an approval from AEMO.

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