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RERT Tendering

Long Notice RERT for Victoria – Summer 2019/20

The tendering process for Long Notice RERT for summer 2019/20 has ended. We thank all those who submitted offers and otherwise participated

Request for Expression of Interest for the RERT Panel for Short Notice and Medium Notice RERT for New South Wales (including Australian Capital Territory), Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Second Round – Summer 2019/20

AEMO sought expressions of interest (initial round) for RERT Panel members in New South Wales (including Australian Capital Territory), Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, and Victoria, in August 2019.

AEMO now seeks further expressions of interests from parties who have additional reserves to offer and who did not respond to the initial round or who were unsuccessful in the initial round.

Interested parties should respond using the documents below. Please use the Information Spreadsheet to provide information as indicated in the EOI (please use the correct tab in the spreadsheet applicable to the type of reserve). Instructions on how to submit the completed documents are contained within the EOI.

Please see below for the relevant documents.


Questions and Clarifications

If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact us via the contact details provided in the above documents. Interested parties should also refer to the RERT FAQs below.


The following FAQs were prepared from questions asked from interested proponents in previous years. If we receive more questions in this request for EOI, a further round of FAQs will be posted to this webpage. Please return regularly for updates. For reference we provide:

FAQs for the 2019 RERT campaign:
FAQs for the 2018 RERT campaign
FAQs from the 2017 RERT campaign

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