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AEMO is required to intervene in the market when issuing a direction, or exercising a reserve contract, by setting the energy and ancillary service prices to what AEMO determines they would have been if the intervention had not occurred (NER Clause 3.9.3 (b)). The energy and ancillary service prices that apply during an Intervention are determined in accordance with the Intervention Pricing Methodology.

AEMO is examining the effectiveness and practicality of existing arrangements, and considering alternative approaches to determining energy and ancillary service prices that apply during intervention events.

In order to achieve this outcome AEMO has established the Intervention Pricing Working Group (IPWG), to provide a forum for AEMO to seek industry contribution and new ideas, and to allow AEMO to test proposals.

Terms of reference
Intervention Pricing Working Group: Terms of Reference
06 December 2017  (287 KB, pdf)

The IPWG is open to all interested parties in the energy industry with a good knowledge of the Intervention and pricing mechanisms in the NEM.

IPWG will run until March 2018, with a meeting scheduled in November 2017, December 2017, February 2018 and March 2018.

To register your interest, or for more information, please contact: stakeholderrelations@aemo.com.au

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