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Information Exchange Committee

MarketRetail Meetings

The IEC is a statutory body established under the National Electricity Rules responsible for developing and making recommendations on changing B2B Procedures. The role and responsibilities of the IEC are defined by the Rules, the IEC Operating Manual, and the IEC Election Procedures.

In completing its statutory role in relation to managing the ongoing development of B2B Procedures and any changes to them, the IEC:

  1. Makes recommendations on B2B Procedure changes and oversees the consultation process.
  2. In conjunction with AEMO, considers implications of potential policy changes which may affect B2B Procedures.
  3. Identifies B2B Procedure continuous improvement opportunities.
  4. In conjunction with AEMO, monitors and contributes to B2B Procedure delivery management and prioritisation.

The IEC has established and works closely with the B2B Working Group to undertake a range of investigations with industry input on its behalf. The IEC provides specific directions to the B2B Working Group in relation to the scope of activities and timelines that it requires for each matter it refers to the working group. Information on the B2B Working Group can be found here.

B2B Change Process

The process for making changes to B2B Procedures is outlined in the B2B Change Process:

Participants who want to identify a prospective change to B2B Procedures should submit an Issue / Change Form (ICF) to iec@aemo.com.au using the template below.

IEC register of members

The table below presents the members of the IEC. 

Member category

IEC members nominated

Appointment period


Mr John Pittard – AEMO director

1 Mar 19 – 1 Mar 20 


Mr Peter Price (Head of Corporate Strategy and Executive General Manager Asset Safety and Performance, EnergyQueensland)

2 years

1 Sept 18 – 31 Aug 20 


Mr David Markham (Corporate Affairs, Australia Energy Council)

2 years

1 Sept 18 – 31 Aug 20 


Mr Robert Lo Giudice - (Manager, Metering Coordinator, Acumen Metering)

2 years

1 Sept 18 – 31 Aug 20

Energy Consumer

Mr David Havyatt (Senior Economist – Energy Consumers Australia)

24 months 

1 Sept 18 – 1 Sept 20             

Discretionary (retail)

Mr Peter Van Loon (Head of IT, Powershop)

12 months

1 Mar 19 – 1 Mar 20 

Discretionary (metering)

Mr Marco Bogaers (Executive Director, Metropolis)

12 months

1 Mar 19 – 1 Mar 20 

Discretionary (distributor)

Mr Adrian Hill (General Manager, Ausnet Services)

12 months

1 Mar 19 – 1 Mar 20 

Annual Report

Records of IEC Meetings

Records of IEC meetings prior to July 2016 have been archived. To access these records please contact: iec@aemo.com.au

Meeting Number
 25 November 2019 16

Meeting Pack (1,742 KB, pdf)

 12 August 2019 16

Meeting Pack (9,621 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (156 KB, pdf)

 13 May 2019 15

Meeting Pack (1,393 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (150 KB, pdf)

18 February 2019
Meeting Pack (183 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (209 KB, pdf)
11 February 2019
Out-of-Session Circular (67 KB, pdf)
30 November 2018
Meeting Pack (1.5 MB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (177 KB, pdf)
30 September 2018
Meeting Pack (1.4 MB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (157 KB, pdf)
16 July 2018
Meeting Pack (3,404 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (143 KB, pdf)
9 May 2018
Meeting Pack (904 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (160 KB, pdf)
15 March 2018
Meeting Pack (477 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (139 KB, pdf)
23 February 2018
No Meeting Pack Prepared
Meeting Minutes (150 KB, pdf)
21 November 2017
Meeting Pack (1,198 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (138 KB, pdf)
26 September 2017
Meeting Pack (1,095 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (141 KB, pdf)
1 August 2017
Meeting Pack (753 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (198 KB, pdf)
8 May 2017
Meeting Pack (1,398 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (138 KB, pdf)
20 February 2017
Meeting Pack (2,654 KB, pdf)
Meeting Minutes (190 KB, pdf)

IEC Notices

Call for IEC Discretionary member nominations

Date of Notice: 13 December 2019

AEMO is seeking nominations for IEC discretionary member positions. Please see the attached notice below for additional information.

Deferred Power of Choice transactions

Date of notice: 14 August 2019

During the implementation of Power of Choice (PoC) project, 51 potential transactions that were not considered at the time to be a high-priority were deferred for later review. The Information Exchange Committee, in conjunction with its Business-to-Business Working Group, has now finalised its review of these deferred potential transactions.

Of the 51 items reviewed:

  • Ten items have been incorporated into a consultation package on B2B Procedures
    that will commence in late 2019.
  • Nineteen items are adequately addressed by existing transactions and require no
    additional actions and have been closed.
  • Seven potential transactions do not have sufficient volumes to merit progressing at
    this time. These will be monitored by the B2B-WG on an annual basis, commencing
    in late 2020.
  • Two potential transactions are dependant on changes to standing data and will be
    included on a B2B change register to be considered when AEMO reviews its standing
  • Three of the potential changes relate to MSATS rather than B2B. These transactions
    will be addressed by the Australian Energy Market Commissions’s proposed changes
    to embedded networks or have been referred to AEMO for consideration.
  • Ten of the proposed transactions were not within the remit of B2B Procedures or the
    B2B Guide, but rather should be the subject of bilateral commercial agreements
    between specific participants, or jurisdictions. These potential transactions have been

The full list of transactions can be found below:

For further information on this review, please contact the Business-to-Business Working Group at b2bwg@aemo.com.au


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