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Generator Registration and Connection in the NEM

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AEMO Webinar

AEMO will be presenting a Generator Registration and Connection in the NEM webinar on October 15. This webinar aims to provide proponents with information, to better understand elements of AEMO’s onboarding processes associated with the connection and registration of Generators in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

AEMO understands that for new proponents and their service providers, the registration and connection processes can represent a challenge. In response to feedback from AEMO’s roadshows last year, AEMO is trialling a webinar format to minimise costs and maximise audience reach.

This webinar aims to:

  • help proponents better understand specific facets of the registration and connection process
  • highlight changes to onboarding processes for new Generators, and
  • discuss recently published AEMO fact sheets.

This two-hour webinar will provide information on the registration and connection processes and will cover:

  • Update on connection volumes
  • Outcomes of the Andrews Group connection process review
  • Registering a battery and hybrid generating systems
  • Notifiable exemption
  • Generator capability: operational and system readiness
  • Energy conversion model, SCADA and implementing the forecast model

The webinar will not be an in-depth assessment or review of the National Electricity Rules or the application forms or guides that we publish. Future webinars will cover additional connection and registration topics. The webinar will provide high level general information.

The NEM is transforming rapidly and registration requirements will change over time. Generation proponents should always:

  • Verify and familiarise themselves with the most up to date legislation and published AEMO guides and procedures.
  • Seek independent professional advice on their particular situation.

The webinar will be broadcast via Cisco WebEx Events, for more information and to attend please register online through AEMO WebEx Events.



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