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Energy Market Leaders Forum

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The Energy Market Leaders Forum (EMLF) is a cross industry forum established to bring together executive level representatives from AEMO, the wholesale gas market, the electricity market, and network businesses.

The forum is designed to provide an industry central platform for constructive discussion regarding energy reforms driven by national and jurisdictional level policy makers.

Terms of reference

Equivalent executive level commitment is sought from members of the forum on an ongoing basis.

The forum's membership is designed to reflect and incorporate a broad cross section of energy market, and includes:

  • A chairperson appointed by AEMO
  • A secretariat function provided by AEMO
  • AEMO representatives
  • Generators
  • Gas producers
  • Network and pipeline asset owners or operators
  • Retailers
  • End-user representatives.

For more information, please contact:

Jo Witters (03) 9609 8496

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