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Business-to-Business Working Group

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The Business-to-Business Working Group (B2B-WG) has been established by the Information Exchange Committee (IEC) to provide advice to the IEC on issues and opportunities relating to the B2B framework, Procedures and Guide and to develop changes to these where necessary on behalf of the IEC.

The B2B-WG is distinct from the Power of Choice Business-to-Business Working Group (POCB2B-WG), which was created to oversee B2B changes for the Power of Choice reforms and has since been disbanded.

Issue / Change Form

Participants who want to identify a prospective change to B2B Procedures should submit an Issue / Change Form (ICF) to iec@aemo.com.au using the template below.

Dates of meetings over 2021

B2B-WG meetings are held as required; as such, the below dates are tentative only:

  • 12 April 
  • 10 May 
  • 21 June 
  • 12 July 
  • 16 August 
  • 20 August
  • 20 September
  • 11 October
  • 10 November
  • 6 December


The B2B-WG consists of five members which represent each of the B2B participant categories: namely, distributors, metering business, and retailers. AEMO provides secretariat services to the B2B-WG. A full list of current B2B-WG members is published below.

Name Company Email
Distribution members
Justin Betlehem AusNet Services justin.betlehem@ausnetservices.com.au
Adrian Honey TasNetworks adrian.honey@tasnetworks.com.au
Robert Mitchell Energy Queensland Robert.Mitchell@energyq.com.au 
Dino Ou Endeavour Energy Dino.Ou@endeavourenergy.com.au
David Woods SA Power Networks david.woods@sapowernetworks.com.au
Metering members
Robert Lo Giudice intelliHub Robert.LoGiudice@intelliHUB.com.au
Wayne Farrell Yurika  Waynefarrell@meteringdynamics.com.au
Helen Vassos PLUS ES Helen.vassos@pluses.com.au
Paul Greenwood Vector AMS paul.greenwood@vectorams.com.au
Retailer members
Mark Riley AGL Energy MRiley@agl.com.au
Joe Castellano Origin Energy joe.castellano@originenergy.com.au
Aakash Sembley Simply Energy Aakash.sembey@simplyenergy.com.au
Stephanie Lommi Alinta Energy Stephanie.Lommi@alintaenergy.com.au
Christophe Bechia Red and Lumo Energy christophe.bechia@redenergy.com.au

Records of B2B-WG meetings

For further information on this group, please contact the Business-to-Business Working Group at b2bwg@aemo.com.au.

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