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Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group

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The Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group (the Advisory Group) is a select group of industry experts that will be called upon to provide contributions to the Australian Energy Market Operator on matters relating to ancillary services (both the currently defined services and any new services potentially needed in the future).

Terms of Reference
Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group: Terms of Reference
27 February 2017 (338 KB, pdf)
Membership and Term

The Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group is open to all interested parties with technical expertise in ancillary services. AEMO reserves the right to approve, reject, add or remove members at its discretion.

The Advisory Group will initially run until the end of 2017, at which time AEMO will review the value of continuing the Group taking into account its Scope and Objectives.

To register your interest, or for more information, please contact:

Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group meetings

The Advisory Group will meet approximately on a quarterly basis or as deemed necessary by AEMO.

AEMO held an AS-TAG meeting on 26 July 2018 in Melbourne. Download the agenda here (373 KB, pdf).

Anyone seeking more information or wishing to attend should please contact AEMO’s Stakeholder Relations team or email ancillaryservices@aemo.com.au. Please note that due to venue constraints, numbers are strictly limited.

DIgSILENT report on Frequency Control Performance in the NEM under Normal Operating Conditions

AEMO engaged DIgSILENT Pacific (DIgSILENT) to investigate the degradation of frequency regulation in the normal operating frequency band (NOFB) of the National Electricity Market. Specifically, AEMO asked DIgSILENT to:

  • Investigate and report the likely causes of the degradation.
  • Report on its materiality and potential consequences.

Following the investigation, DIgSILENT prepared an independent report outlining their findings. This report is published below.

AEMO will consider the findings of this report when addressing future requirements for frequency control. This work includes, but is not limited to:

  • AEMO reviews of AGC and MASS Regulation FCAS performance requirement specifications to determine if they should be improved.
  • AEMO’s submissions to the AEMC’s Frequency Control Frameworks Review and the Reliability Panel’s Frequency Operating Standards review.
  • AEMO’s response to recommendation 2.3 of the Finkel Report: to investigate and decide on a requirement for all synchronous generators to change their governor settings to provide a more continuous control of frequency.
Review of Frequency Control Performance in the NEM under Normal Operating Conditions - update 2019
24 September 2019 (1.66 MB, pdf)
Review of Frequency Control Performance in the NEM under Normal Operating Conditions
23 October 2017 (3.3 MB, pdf)
For Further Information

Please direct any queries regarding the Ancillary Services Technical Advisory Group to ancillaryservices@aemo.com.au.

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