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5MS Readiness Working Group (RWG)

Market5MS Meetings

AEMO has established the Readiness Working Group (RWG) to coordinate readiness activities across the industry, particularly with respect to market testing and trials.  The RWG is the main stakeholder forum for direct industry input into the planning and execution of readiness activities.

AEMO and the RWG will form focus groups to address specific readiness areas where specialised knowledge and expertise is required.

Records of readiness Working Group meetings

Terms of Reference

Meeting Number Documents Date
6 Meeting pack (948 KB, pdf)
Meeting notes (620 KB, pdf)
15 November 2019
5 Meeting pack (661 MB, pdf)
Meeting notes (611 KB, pdf)
22 October 2019
4 Meeting pack (1.12 MB, pdf)
Meeting notes (253 KB, pdf)
24 September 2019
3 Meeting pack (1 MB, pdf)
Meeting notes (208 KB, pdf)
27 August 2019
Meeting pack (821 KB, pdf)
Meeting notes (182 KB, pdf) 
26 July 2019 
Meeting pack (1.4 MB, pdf)
Meeting notes (175 KB, pdf) 
27 June 2019 

Records of Transition Focus Group meetings

Terms of Reference

Meeting Number Documents Date
4 Meeting pack (381 KB, pdf)
06 November 2019
3 Meeting pack (631 MB, pdf)
Metering Transition Plan Strawperson (38 KB, xls)
18 October 2019
2 Meeting pack (789 KB, pdf)
23 September 2019
1 Meeting pack (1.34 MB, pdf)
30 August 2019

Interim Industry Readiness reporting

MSP Accreditation update plan webinar

For further information

Please direct any queries regarding Five-Minute Settlement (5MS) to 5ms@aemo.com.au.

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