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Market STTM
StageImpact Implementation Report
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close14/11/2016

Notice of Consultation

AEMO gives notice of consultation on proposed changes to the STTM Procedures (the “Procedures”) under Rule 135EE of the National Gas Rules.

This notice of consultation is dated 17 October 2016.

Proposed procedure changes

The proposed changes to the STTM Procedures are to:

  • Correct and clarify aspects of the procedures made under the Contingency Gas Evidentiary Changes Rule 2015.
  • Align the notification and communication of contingency gas trigger event with the NGR 440(4).
Impact and Implementation Report

AEMO has published an Impact and Implementation Report (IIR) below, which details the proposed changes to the Procedures.

Gas Market Participants and other interested parties are invited to submit comments on the proposed procedure changes and the Impact and Implementation Report to AEMO by 5pm, Monday 14 November 2016 via email to: GWCF_Correspondence@aemo.com.au

Submissions received during the consultation period
Notice to Participants of AEMOs decision on updating the STTM Procedures – version 13.0

AEMO has published a notice to participants of AEMO's decision on updating the STTM Procedures – version 13.0 effective from Tuesday, 3 January 2017.

Updated STTM Procedures can be found here: Policies and Procedures


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