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Gas Supply Hub Exchange Agreement Amendment – Monthly Product – Consultation Decision

Market Gas Supply Hub
ConvenorAEMO Gas
Accepting submissions?No

AEMO has completed its consultation on the Gas Supply Hub Monthly Product.

AEMO proposed changes to the Exchange Agreement to implement a new Schedule 7: Product Specifications for Monthly Gas, to facilitate the listing of monthly products on the Gas Supply Hub. AEMO has decided to implement the proposed amendments to the Exchange Agreement (version 4.0), effective from 28 May 2015.

In accordance with the National Gas Rules Part 22, 534(3), AEMO is required to consult with gas trading exchange members on the structure, introduction and determination of exchange fees.

AEMO proposed a variable Transaction Fee of $0.01/GJ for the monthly product.  Taking into account the assessment provided in the Impact and Implementation Report (IIR), and comments received on the proposed Variable Transaction Fee, AEMO has decided to implement the Variable Transaction Fee of $0.01/GJ monthly product fee, effective from 28 May 2015.

As required by the Gas Supply Exchange Agreement clause 3.3(d) (iv), AEMO informs Participants that version 4.0 of the Gas Supply Exchange Agreement will be effective from 28 May 2015.

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