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2016 NEM Reallocation Procedures Consultation

Market National Electricity Market
StageFinal Report
ConvenorAEMO NEM
Accepting submissions?No
Submissions close01/12/2016

Final Report and Determination:

  • Reallocation Procedure: Swap and Option Offset Reallocations
  • Reallocation Procedure: Energy and Dollar Offset Reallocations

Date of Final Report and Determination: 1 December 2016

Background: AEMO has published the Final Report and Determination for the NEM Reallocation Procedures Consultation with amendments to the Reallocation Procedure: Swap and Option Offset Reallocations (SOOR Procedure) and Reallocation Procedure: Energy and Dollar Offset Reallocations (EDOR Procedure). 

The Reallocation Procedures required amendment to comply with the conditions of the CS Facility Exemption that has been granted to AEMO. When drafting the SOOR Procedure, AEMO identified a number of improvements and potential improvements common to the EDOR Procedure, including removal of the Reallocation Timetable and establishing it as a separate document.

The new swap, cap and floor reallocations will be available to participants in the Electricity Market Management System (EMMS) on 14 December 2016. Participants are advised to contact AEMO in advance to complete the necessary prerequisites.

The Reallocation Procedures and Reallocation Timetable are published on the AEMO website here.

All queries should be sent to prudentials@aemo.com.au

Documents relating to this consultation:

Stage of Consultation  Date   Status
 Notice of first stage consultation and Issues Paper published  12 August 2016  Complete
 First stage submissions closed  20 September 2016  Complete
 Draft Report & Notice of second stage consultation published  18 October 2016  Complete
 Submissions due on Draft Report  4 November 2016  Complete
 Final Report published  1 December 2016  Complete
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