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Corporate plan

AEMO’s corporate plan outlines the opportunities, challenges and risks the energy sector is facing, and lays out our plans to address them.

Plan overview

AEMO’s corporate plan provides a strategic, detailed and action-oriented plan for 2020 to 2023.

Underpinning the plan is an assessment of the energy landscape, including key changes, such as:

  • The changing power supply mix.
  • Increasing co-dependencies between sectors such as gas, electricity, transport, hydrogen and water.
  • Regulatory frameworks and energy markets that lack the speed and flexibility necessary to deliver value to energy users.
  • The influence of weather and climate-induced weather events on energy production.
  • Increasing options for consumers to engage with their energy consumption.
  • Increasing dependence of the energy system on digitalisation and data.
  • The need for a broad range of technical competencies among AEMO employees, as well as skills in innovation, influencing and change management.

To overcome and harness these changes, and in order to deliver on AEMO’s purpose to shape Australia’s energy future, the plan emphasises leadership and proactive change via six key strategic pillars for the next three years:

  • Reliable and secure systems operations.
  • Future system design.
  • Adaptive markets and regulations.
  • Consumer engagement and access.
  • Digital and data.
  • People, culture and capabilities.

Each pillar outlines the key challenges and opportunities it seeks to address, as well as the specific actions, projects and outcomes that will drive success.

The plan also lays out AEMO’s corporate KPIs, its budget and fees, and its key operational and strategic risks.

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